Friday, June 14, 2013

BMP "A Sentimental Summer with the Butlers" Review

Okay, who hasn't fantasized about a love story with at least ONE of the Royal Butlers?
I was pretty excited to get the chance to see the Butlers 'outside' of their respective palaces and butler-modes. All the Butlers were quite enjoyable in their stories; especially at the ends!
Even Claude - yes, CLAUDE - was pleasant and even made me want to continue the story with him once it ended! (And I had a white-hot burning hatred for Claude after playing Wilfred's story...)

These stories appear to take place sometime after the party from the Main Story prologue and you never got with a Prince. (Which is perfectly fine for the feel of this story!)

So in this Special Story the Butlers are going through Butler Training at Noble Michel Castle and you must choose one to assist by being his 'Mistress' for the day. He must serve you as specified in his task to pass.

Alberto must learn how to communicate with even the most informal of speakers.
Claude must learn how to entertain a lady.
Yu must learn how to make taste match presentation.
Luke must learn how to properly communicate with his fellow staff.
Jan must learn how to serve individual Masters as just that: Unique Individuals.
Louis must learn to protect his Master/ Mistress with all of his strength.

The ends of each story sound like a romance is budding (surprise, surprise ;D) And each of the Butlers got their own Scenes tabs:

The way everything is set up makes me hope and pray that each Butler will get their own Main Story just as Zain did! (I am a little obsessed with Luke and Jan... but that is a discussion for another day!)

At the end of each of the Butlers stories you get a little story featuring Zain - you even get two images from it! The Zain Story is the same at the end of each Butler route but it is definitely worth a read or two! Of course I adore Zain so I may be biased...

Anyway! I thoroughly enjoyed these stories and getting to see the normal human sides of the Butlers, even if only a little!

The A Sentimental Summer with the Butlers story cost $2.99 from the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

Happy Gaming!!

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  1. Hi, I was wondering, when you bought the game, is it one price and you get to play all butlers? Thanks~!