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Shall We Date?: My Sweet Prince - Walkthrough (All Characters)

So you're on vacation! Woooo!
But your luggage is stolen... In your pursuit of the thief he drops a bracelet!
You go to the police to report your stolen luggage and return the bracelet. Upon seeing the bracelet you are whisked away to the King, King Tamir!
King Tamir tells you something unbelievable: You are to pick the next King!!!
You meet his 6 sons: the Princes Lambert, Chezem, Nagit, Alvah, Jun and Melchiorre; along with the Royal Butler Ivan!

The app costs $4.99 and you get the stories for Lambert, Chezem and Nagit. You can buy two separate character packs - Pack 1: Alvah and Jun; Pack 2: Melchiorre and Ivan - for $6.99 each.

Prince Lambert - A Haughty Prince with No Eye for the Common Folk

Lambert is proud and haughty and quite cold in the beginning. Lambert loves his country and is trying the be an exemplary member of the royal family. He values tradition and never reflects on his actions which may be a result of his heavy responsibility as a prince. He becomes quite caring and worries for you quite a bit; even becoming ruffled when someone insults you in a way that he always did when you first met!

Here's the walkthrough:
  • Nod.
  • He's scary.
  • Such penmanship.
  • Try adlibbing?
  • Impossible!
  • Obey.
  • Help with work.
  • Cute clothes.
  • This is better.
  • Isn't it tiring?
  • Graceful lotus.
  • How do you feel?
  • Call a therapist.
  • Even the palace?
  • Apologize anyway.
  • Felt happy.
  • Tell Lambert.
  • Do you hate me?
  • Apologize first.
  • Is there someone?
  • Sadly.
  • Confess.

 Prince Chezem - Wise but Inexperienced; Intelligent and Taciturn

Chezem doesn't really like people or noise very much and tends to stay to his room. He gets very adamant about things that interest him, and even losses sight of his surroundings. He's quite the scholarly type. He has quite the inquiring mind and is quite interested in an exotic person such as yourself! ;) (Chezem reminds me of Ren from My Forged Wedding: no sense of a personal bubble and many misleading actions!) Chezem is definitely my favorite Prince.

Here's the walkthrough:
  • Wait
  • Apologize
  • Pity
  • Wait
  • Interfere
  • No way!!!
  • I'll take you
  • My Choice
  • Kinda
  • Encourage
  • Climb
  • Falitna
  • Chide
  • Showtime!
  • Accept
  • Falitna?
  • Stop
  • Chezem?
  • Grab
  • Yes
  • Accept
  • Warn...

Prince Nagit - The Idol of His Brothers; Always Acting Tough

Nagit is the youngest Prince. He is very much loved by his brothers. He is surrounded by adults so he acts older than his age. He may be more mature than a few of his brothers! He's serious and pure and thinks too much about things.
... I - personally - have a VERY hard time getting into Nagit story... not because it's a bad story but because Nagit is a 16 year old KID!! That's my only issue with his story! But Nagit is a very sweet and cute kid!

Here's the walkthrough:
  • You're all kids
  • Thank you!
  • I had fun
  • I'll get fat
  • Protect the boy
  • I didn't think
  • You fooled us
  • Work hard for it
  • I don't like it
  • Thanks!
  • Revenge!
  • I'm with Nagit
  • Are you jealous?
  • Show spirit
  • Have to shape up!
  • Hold his hand
  • Be the new king!
  • I won't give up!
  • Thanks
  • Good to see him
  • Great timing
  • All right

Prince Alvah - Wild and Naughty Mood Maker

Alvah is the most cheerful and lively of the princes, warming his surroundings like a sun. His mental age leaves some things to be desired, but he makes friends easily and he's a popular man. Even when depressed or troubled he never shows it in his actions. His heart is seemingly indestructible. Alvah had quite the touching story and he is just such a fun loving character that it pulls on your hear strings when he's acting 'strangely'.

Here's the walkthrough:
  • That's true
  • So you trust them
  • Let's go!
  • How charming
  • Do some sports
  • What happened?
  • Just friends
  • I got to stop it!
  • Look for Alvah
  • For yesterday?
  • Worry for Alvah
  • Scream loudly
  • Be glad it's him
  • He'll protect me
  • Come on...!
  • Another prince?
  • Ask Alvah
  • Trust Alvah
  • Hold his hand
  • Poor Alvah
  • It's just envy!
  • Don't lose!

Prince Jun - He Gets What He Wants!! Wicked and Ambitious

Jun excels at scholarship and the martial arts. He even has political wits and knows how not to get noticed my his environment. He calculates his actions and people tend to think of him as calm and collected, but he's actually one of the most overbearing ones. Once he has found his target he will obtain it at all costs; which tends to scare people. I guess you could call him single minded. I do quite enjoy Prince Jun, he's quite passionate, aggressive, teasing and adoring all in one! I love his ending, it's not like any of the others!

Here's the walkthrough:
  • This place is #1
  • I thought so
  • Seem eerie
  • How pathetic
  • I want to go
  • Same as always
  • Oh, I love it
  • Resist him
  • This is wrong!
  • Not unusual
  • This is lonely
  • Can't look
  • How cuuute!
  • Like a good King
  • Stop him!
  • I'll help
  • I can't give up!
  • Look at yourself!
  • I have no idea
  • Confess my love
  • Trust me, Jun
  • Thanks to you

Prince Melchiorre - This Prince Spreads the Love!

Melchiorre takes care of his family and always keeps a close eye on everyone. He helps anyone in need and is constantly giving people advice. His kindness has won him the hearts of many girls and he is hardly without female company. (Don't worry; he shapes up for ya!) He is the first Prince, making him closest to the next King. But he keeps declining succession. King Tamir never speaks to him of this, so everyone except Lambert is merely looking on. I feel so sorry for Melchiorre; he's had his troubles! But he comes to love and adore you and things begin to mend!

Here's the walkthrough:
  • Slap him
  • But the crown
  • Go just to talk
  • Threaten to go
  • You're very kind
  • Help Melchiorre
  • Say something
  • It's just an act
  • Do your worst
  • Stop that!
  • Wait and watch
  • It's lovely here
  • He helped Chezem
  • That's not true
  • Go say goodbye
  • Take his hand
  • Stroll the park
  • You won't rule?
  • Write a reply
  • Quietly hold him
  • Don't mock me!
  • What to do?!

Royal Butler Ivan - Loyal Retainer of the Royal Family; A Stuffy Butler

An extremely distinguished gentleman and butler at the royal palace. He never shows fear or trepidation at anything and always remains calm, making him the most perfect butler imaginable. Everyone who works at the palace receives his strict leadership, but he is also very strict towards himself and no one knows when and where the good man ever sleeps. He is trusted by the King and all the Princes and it is no exaggeration to call him a necessary entity for this country to function. I ADORE Ivan! (I seem to have a thing for the older characters... >.>) He's quite mean in the beginning, giving you strict lessons - with good reason though - but quickly warms up! He deeply cares for you and sees you as something very precious!

Here's the walkthrough:
  • I'm sorry
  • It sounds fun
  • I should learn
  • Want to visit?
  • Ivan will be mad
  • Listen quietly
  • I'll do my best
  • I'll do something
  • All right
  • Come closer
  • I'm excited
  • I'll visit him
  • Are you okay
  • Wait a second
  • There is someone
  • Are you okay
  • Ring
  • I'm so happy
  • Look for Ivan
  • I'll be with you
  • Don't die!
  • I prefer you
Happy Gaming!


  1. Thanks! :D But, you know about the free app? Well, it's new but free xD And I think it's exactly the same stories, because I use this walkthrough to the free app.

    Well! :D Thank for this! I really apreciatte it n.n

  2. When can I get Ivan in the free app version u only have Lambert, Nagit, and chezem...

  3. for the butler....its says "dont die"....... WTF? HE ALMOST DIES?!?!

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  5. Hi and thanks for this walkthrough. It helped me a lot.

  6. do u have the spin-off walkthrough?

  7. um hi im new to this site can anyone help me im trying to play my sweet prince im stuck on ch9. i need checkpoints as you might guess is there a way to get them?

  8. Just send friend requests to other players under the Social Tab and then when they accept your friend request, greet them everyday or whenever you can also it helps to open the game for a straight week without fail to get lots of goodies for free ! ( Yes I 'm playing for free too to but this is how I'm getting around these games without spending any money.)

  9. Hi, I know this is a reaallly stupid question, but please bear with me:( I've played Chezem and ended up the Bad shocked, haha...I tried my hardest as well (didn't cheat). Now I'm wondering if there is a short cut for me to get a Sweet Ending without having to start all over again from Chapter 1? I'd rather not have to wait so long to unlock an ending:(

  10. Thank you sooo much for the walktrough it helped me a lot!!
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